Joshua Radin: When You Find Me (Featuring Maria Taylor)

Joshua Radin and Maria Taylor Adam Soundtrack

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending/being dragged into a screening of the film, Adam.

Even though I’d originally spent ten minutes trying to convince my lady friend to opt for District 9, I’m glad I ended up catching this one instead. It was incredibly cute; a quirky, romantic film about a woman who falls in love with her neighbor Adam, who has Asperger’s syndrome. I’ve since deemed it the Autistic Garden State–light, off-beat, yet touching nonetheless.

Along with the movie, the soundtrack of the film proved to be an equally strong piece, featuring the Weepies, the Alexandria Quartet, and Miranda Lee Richards. However, it was one song in particular, played during one of the movie’s more poignant scenes, that had me digging into my pocket for my phone and ducking under the seat to set a calendar reminder to find the song with the lyrics, “When I find you, I’ll find me.”

I found it almost immediately after getting back home: It was Joshua Radin‘s “When You Find Me,” featuring Azure Ray member Maria Taylor. A dreamy, soft-spoken builder with nearly whispered vocals that I absolutely adore. It was a find made all the better upon realizing it was a Joshua Radin song–the very same artist chosen to sing at Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi‘s wedding! Yes friends, yet another of the thousands of reasons Ellen and I are forever linked in spirit.

“When You Find Me” is perhaps unlike that of which you’d usually find around here MuuMuse, but I suppose that’s the beauty of running my own blog. Please tell me what you think, and as always, please support the artist!

DL: Joshua Radin – When You Find Me (featuring Maria Taylor)

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