Titiyo’s New Single, “Awakening.”


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Hot off the heels of the MuuMuse interview with Kleerup comes “Awakening,” the first single off of Titiyo‘s upcoming fifth studio album, Hidden, which should see release sometime between October and November in Europe (and possibly North America as well).

Far darker than her turn on Kleerup’s “Longing for Lullabies,” “Awakening” finds Titiyo’s breathy vocals in a sea of lush strings, tambourines, and dark, throbbing synthesizers. The result? Farther from “sad disco,” the song is something of a crossbred, deep house reinterpretation of Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush.

You’ll also want to check out the video above, which is all sorts of weird and fantastical. (It’s also been uploaded in February, so I suppose the single isn’t quite as new as I figured!) Anyway, think Bat for Lashes meets a slight moment of Hocus Pocus for the concept. In other words, it’s a damn good time.

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Kleerup: The Interview

Kleerup: The Interview

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