Monarchy Dita Von Teese

I knew that I would love the new Monarchy single once I saw the words “featuring Dita Von Teese.

The love grew when I read that “Disintegration” was based on “losing the self in a moment…drawing from a metaphor of ‘le petit mort’, that post sex moment where the mind goes blank, as a symbol of the larger loss of self in a relationship.”

The love grew stronger still when I saw that the upcoming video, directed by Roy Raz, would feature Dita “as the classic 1950’s housewife escaping the monotony of her marriage through sexual fantasy.” (Paging Madonna: “My name is Dita, I’ll be your mistress tonight…“)

Today, the UK-based electronica duo premiered the Mighty Mouse remix of the song, which–much to the fabulous featured artist’s delight, I’m sure–is quite the tease.

“Disintegration, suffocation/My life is taken, annihilation,” the burlesque performer-turned-dance floor diva coos around the 2:30 mark, her airy vocals quickly enveloped by funky disco vibrations. It’s all a bit Róisín Murphy so far–and therefore, patently amazing.

The single will be released digitally on January 14, with a physical release following in March.