GusGus: Add This Song (Video Premiere)

And now for something completely Icelandic.

This is the video for “Add This Song,” the lead single off of GusGus‘ upcoming album, 24/7, due for release on September 14.

While I’d never heard anything GusGus produced in their 14 years of being, I now find myself utterly intrigued. “Add This Song,” with its Kleerup-ian sad disco throb, echoey vocals, and Cut Copy-like wisps of electronica, contains all the sure-fire elements of musical magic.

But it was the video that initially got my attention.

In the mood for nudity, necrophilia, and some subtle traces of homo-eroticism? Step right up. Directed by Heimir Sverrisson and Jón Atli Helgasson, the cliip utilizes the unnaturally muted hues behind the excellent 2008 Swedish horror flick Let The Right One In and a few plot-thickening scenarios to create this well-crafted, macabre fantasy.

What does it all mean? I’m not quite sure yet–though I reckon it’d be a great discussion piece for a film class.

Purchase “Add This Song” on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website

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