Daily B: Another Day, Another Producer


It always seems that whenever a new Britney album is being patched together, just about everyone and their great-grandmother is on board producing the next hit single for Team Spears. Today, two more names were confirmed:

Producer: David Guetta
Where? Podcast.
Famous For: “When Love Takes Over” and “Sexy Bitch” off of his current album, One Love.
The pros: Amazing club and workout-ready tracks.
The cons: Lacks soul.

Producer: Lucas Secon
Where? MySpace blog.
Famous For: Jordin Sparks‘ “Walking On Snow,” the Pussycat Dolls‘, “I Hate This Part,” and the Sugababes‘ “Virgin Sexy” among others. Apparently, he is also the son of the founder of Pottery Barn.
The pros: Free potpourri.
The cons: Like potpourri, he’s all sorts of a mixed bag producer.

Before we get all giddy and such about this stuff, remember: Requesting tracks from producers does not by ANY MEANS suggest that the track will be recorded, let alone placed on the album.

…But it’s always fun to try and guess which one’s will, isn’t it?

The Freemasons Live in NYC (Ticket Giveaway)

The Freemasons Live in NYC (Ticket Giveaway)

The contest has now ended

GusGus: Add This Song (Video Premiere)

GusGus: Add This Song (Video Premiere)

And now for something completely Icelandic

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