What…you didn’t think I’d FORGET, did you?!

Today marks a historic release: Celebration, a 34-track collection (and video compendium) of some of Madonna‘s greatest songs written during the 29 years spent under her longtime label, Warner Bros. Records. Though no 2-disc collection would ever properly befit an artist as prolific, iconic, and influential as Madonna, Celebration is about as near perfect as we could have possibly hoped.

In celebration of Celebration (tee-hee!), I’m proud to announce that MuuMuse will be giving away 3 MADONNA T-SHIRTS to support this release.

To enter to win one of these three (see pictures here, here, and here) shirts AT RANDOM (sorry, can’t call dibs one!), send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line “CELEBRATION” telling me what your favorite Madonna song of all time is and why. (Don’t worry–if you can’t choose just one, tell me which two or three are!)


Contest ends in just ONE week (10/6) at noon, so hurry now while there’s still time! The three winners will be selected and notified on that day.

WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? Come join the party–it’s a Celebration!

Purchase Celebration on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website