Rihanna a la Mode.


Photos courtesy of RihannaPhotos.net

There are a rare few pop artists out there at the moment (Gaga an exception, albeit overly forced) that give as good or as effortless a candid as Rihanna does.

Just take a peek at her time spent in Venice and Paris in the past week: Her fashion sense is simply unstoppable.

I hesitate to attribute the ‘sense’ exclusively to her (and not some anonymous fashionista-in-the-making styling her), but it must be recognized regardless: This bitch is the fierceness as of late.

Madonna: It’s A Celebration! (Contest)

Madonna: It’s A Celebration! (Contest)

What…you didn’t think I’d FORGET, did you?

The Fame Kills…Literally.

The Fame Kills…Literally.

Photo courtesy of Pitchfork

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