The Video Premiere of Madonna’s “Celebration”: It’s Here, It’s Mediocre, Get Used to It.

At long last, here’s the first look at the official video for Madonna‘s new single, “Celebrate” (which, by the way, implements the Benny Benassi mix of the song.)

The good news:

+ Madonna looks good and/or ‘fit.’
+ In the only sequence actually worth watching, Madonna disrobes Jesus ‘Christ’ Luz, chews him up, and then spits him out like yesterday’s 22-year-old Brazilian news. It is almost hot.
+ Paul Oakenfold has not made the official video cut. Apparently there will be a ‘fan edit’ in the near future with clips of her fans, which I’m assuming will also include his literally terrifying cameo.

The bad news:

– The video for “Celebration” is not really as much a celebration as it is a semi-low budget ‘club scene’ production filmed with using a very hi-budget camera technique over and over and over again.

And that is the summation of the video behind one of the top candidates of Single of ’09.

Purchase “Celebration” on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website

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