Get Into You Again: Dannii Minogue to Re-Release First Two Studio Albums and Unreleased 1995 Sessions


Dannii Minogue is a giving artist, if nothing else.

It seems like every Christmas season Team Minogue is at it again, rolling out another series of re-releases, unheard albums, and greatest hits collections for hardcore fans to gleefully collect and bicker about in fan forums.

This year, Dannii’s pulling out the big guns, granting her hardcore fans not one, not two, but three new releases.

The first two will be re-releases of her first two studio albums, Love & Kisses and Get Into You. Like the repackaging of Girl and Neon Nights last year, these releases will also feature an extra CD chock full of bonus tracks, remixes, dubs, and unreleased 7″ and 12″ single mixes. You can currently pre-order both of these 2-CD sets (due out on November 23) from here and here respectively.

Most exciting of all, Team Minogue is rolling out the release of what fans have long considered the Holy Dannii Grail: The lost 1995 album, recorded in between Get Into You and Girl. And now for the full tracklisting:

1. Free Your Love
2. Skin Deep
3. Love And Affection
4. I Got This Feeling
5. Let Love Into Your Life
6. Everlasting Night
7. Crazy For Your Love
8. Love In Me
9. Exclusively
10. Love Will Find A Way
11. Don’t Wanna Leave You Now.
12. Free Your Love (Bonus Track)

Yes, these even includes the 1995 version of “Everlasting Night.” Simply too exciting to handle…I can’t wait to get my hands on this! The CD will also be available on November 23, and is available for pre-order now from

All this good news almost makes me forget she hasn’t recorded a new studio album since 2003! Almost.

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