Now Now Lonely Christmas

‘Lonely Christmas’: Now, Now’s Sad, Synth-y, Single Anthem for the Holidays

I’ve been missin’ you, babe, every December night.

Christmas music isn’t my thing, aside from “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – which we are absolutely streaming until we get Mariah Carey her No. 1 this year, darlings – Britney‘s “My Only Wish (This Year)” obviously and, of course, Hilary Duff‘s masterful debut, Santa Clause Lane. (Speaking of, have you heard the Legends Only track-by-track listening party yet?)

I just have a fairly low tolerance for merriment. A somber Christmas song, however? Now you’re sobbing my language.

Now, Now is a group I learned about, uh, approximately now, now – but I’m glad to have arrived at the party. They’re an indie-rock duo, formed in Minnesota between KC Dalager and Brad Hale. (Great name, Brad.) They’ve also been putting out music for at least a decade or longer. Again: late, but happy to be here.

“Lonely Christmas” is the name of the duo’s new single, following the release of their critically acclaimed 2018 record, Saved. And if you too are in the market, knowingly or otherwise, for vaguely ’80, nostalgic, wistful, Christmas-themed MUNA-slash-HAIM-slash Carly Rae Jepsen synth-pop, you’re in luck.

“This song came about because I always get really lonely and bummed out during the holidays. I try every year to overcome that, so writing this song is another attempt to reclaim the magic of the season,” KC explained of the song.

“I had the initial concept idea for this song two years ago while sitting in my car by myself listening to the Christmas station on the radio. The world around me was sparkling and cheerful but I couldn’t feel it. So I wanted us to capture that feeling and write a song for anyone else out there who may also be experiencing that. I always loved the freedom in Christmas music. Nothing is too much. Nothing is too far. Nothing is too joyous. Nothing is too desperate. I can openly plead with someone to not break my heart in the name of Christmas.”

And really, what’s more festive than sitting alone in a parked car in your hometown during the holidays doing some deep breathing and silently reflecting on the State of Things to the sound of jingling bells and saxophone flourishes in the background? A relatable holiday anthem, if I’ve ever heard one.

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