Rihanna: Russian Roulette (Single Review)


Photo courtesy of MTV.com.

First of all: “Russian Roulette,” the lead single off of Rihanna‘s upcoming album, Rated R, is not a single.

I’m not sure what her record company was thinking in positioning this as the “comeback” track: It’s either her most brilliant, understated move as an artist or a terrible flop move by a singer known for her catchy, uptempo dancefloor anthems.

However, the song is a performance piece in the making. Moody and minimal, “Roulette” is deliciously murderous in its calculated simplicity as its lyrics suggest.

I’m eager to see the finished video for this production, and judging by the single cover, the official website, and the behind-the-scenes paparazzi shots from the video, it looks like we’re in for a rather fierce, noir affair.

You want to be the black Madonna, RiRi? Well, now’s your chance: Make your moment with this.

Rihanna’s New Single to Debut Today.

Rihanna’s New Single to Debut Today.

Photo courtesy of Ultimate-Rihanna

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