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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Girls Aloud is the best five piece girl band out of the UK since the dawn of the new millenium, hands down. Spice will, of course, always be number one in my heart, but I will be damned if the Girls aren’t a bat of a false eyelash away from claiming the title of the fiercest fiver. They’re going on tour this summer which will inevitably crush my spirits, seeing as I live miles away (they always love me more that way), but I know I’ll get to see it via scream filled, shaky YouTube clips in the very near future.

Opening for the group must obviously be an impossible task, though bringing in the Rogue Traders last year was a wise choice. This time around, the Girls Aloud cronies decided to go with The Saturdays, a brand new five-piece girl group that features two former members of S Club 8–I’ll let you marinate on that tidbit. PopJustice introduced them a while ago to remind everyone that their single would drop in May. If you sniff around long enough, you’ll find it in the download sections of your music forums.

The song, called “If This Is Love,” is certainly better than decent, and includes a souped up 80’s sample, woman-filled singing, and rather big choruses–though it isn’t entirely fulfilling. In other words, the perfect opener to the grand show. I would have liked to post a picture of their pretty faces, but they don’t seem to exist on the Internet…which is slightly unsettling. Anyway, go find their single and give it a listen. You’ll be reminded of how much you really love their label sisters, the Aloud, in the first place.

…Oh Nadine, why don’t you call me?

Muu Bits

Muu Bits

Pop Muse has posted some glamtastic remixes of Michelle William‘s

Leftover Sweets

Leftover Sweets

Don’t forget to check out the iTunes bonus track, “Ring My

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