Coming to Record Stores Near You: MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated for 2010…Part Two.

One just wasn’t enough.

A little while after posting my initial “Most Anticipated” list for 2010 (read: approximately three seconds), I realized that I had left out far too many important upcoming releases that merit an equal amount of attention.

Let’s keep it going with another installment then!

Christina Aguilera, Bionic (Fourth studio album)

What it is: From WWII to the post-apocalypse, Christina’s upcoming reinvention in sight and sound is poised to raise the bar in pop next year.
Expected shelf date: March 2010.
Confirmed tracks: “You Lost Me,” “Monday Morning”
Production by: Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Sia, Le Tigre, M.I.A, Sam Endicott, Diplo & Switch, Linda Perry, Tricky Stewart
What we know: Loads. Every one of the producers and writers for the new album has been absolutely raving about their work with Christina. Tricky Stewart told Vibe that “She did things that she’s never necessarily heard on the radio.” Ladytron cannot seem to sing higher praises of Christina’s taste in music and talent in the studio. Sia’s called the songs they’ve wrote together “classical music beautiful” and “sad and awesome.” As far as what I personally know from my sources (such a cock tease!), it’s all sounding quite good.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A shocking, next-level FutureSound set to knock Gaga down a peg or two.

Goldfrapp, Head First (Fifth studio album)

What it is: The new dawn of another era in Goldfrapp.
Expected shelf date: March 23, 2010.
Confirmed tracks: “Rocket”
Production by: Goldfrapp
What we know: From their official site, courtesy of Alison: “this album is very different from the last, but i hope you enjoy it just as much for different reasons. i’m really looking forward to playing the new songs live as a lot of them are so up and jubilant. even the revenge songs are kind of joyous! its gonna be a blast!”
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Whatever they’ve got to offer. Who dislikes any of the Goldfrapp albums, honestly?

Sia, We Are Born (Fifth studio album)

What it is: The spunky follow-up to 2008’s Some People Have Real Problems, helmed by the producer behind Lily Allen‘s fabulous It’s Not Me, It’s You.
Expected shelf date: April 2010.
Confirmed tracks: “You’ve Changed,” “Clap Your Hands”
Production by: Greg Kurstin
What we know: The album is basically complete, and a new single will be released in the first quarter of 2010. It’s also full of happy, upbeat sounds a la “You’ve Changed,” which you can download at MuuMuse and “Clap Your Hands,” which has been performed live during her Australian tour.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A brighter, poppier Sia with more hooks and melodies than ever before.

Nicki Minaj, TBA (Debut album)

What it is: After creating a handful of mixtapes and lending verses on literally everyone’s songs, Minaj will finally roll out her debut as one of the most promising female rappers since Lil’ Kim.
Expected shelf date: 1Q 2010.
Confirmed tracks: None.
Production by: Unknown.
What we know: It will be bossy, braggy, and full of Harajuku Barbie style. As the only female rapper on Young Money Entertainment, it will undoubtedly feature everyone from Drake to Lil’ Wayne.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: “Itty Bitty Piggy,” as well as more references to signing boobs and ‘poppin’ that pussy on his Suzuki so crazy kooky in them Daisy Dukies.

Janet Jackson, TBA (Eleventh studio album)

What it is: Returning to her original label A&M Records, Janet’s follow-up to 2008’s Discipline is a top priority release to send Jackson back to the top of the charts.
Expected shelf date: 2Q 2010.
Confirmed tracks: None yet, aside from the possible inclusion of “Make Me.”
Production by: According to the NY Daily News, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.
What we know: During her interview with Robin Roberts for ABC, Janet spoke a bit about her new material: “So far I’ve kept it light, but I’m sure it’s going to have its moments of getting a little heavy, a little deeper, lyrically speaking. I need a little bit of escapism right now…something that’s fun to listen to.”
MuuMuse hopes to hear: The classic Janet formula–two or three solid club bangers and a bunch of slinkier grooves a la “When We Oooo” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.” I’m also expecting some darker work and hopeful balladry, given the hardships she’s had to face over the past few months.

Daily B: Counting Down With the T-Minus 321 Remix of “3.”

Daily B: Counting Down With the T-Minus 321 Remix of “3.”

Looking for a track to help count down to the New Year?

Not Gonna Get ‘Em: t.A.T.u. Break Up Rumors as Fake as Their Lesbianism.

Not Gonna Get ‘Em: t.A.T.u. Break Up Rumors as Fake as Their Lesbianism.


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