House Record of the Day: Kaskade’s ‘The Om Remixes.’


While driving to pick up a friend from the train station last night, I suddenly realized that it was dark, it was snowing, and that I was sort of lost.

So, instead of doing the sensible thing (pulling over and sorting out my GPS), I decided to pop in Kaskade‘s The Om Remixes instead, a remix compilation sent to me by Om Records a few months ago when Kaskade was building up press for his equally immense compilation album that I also wrote about earlier this year, The Grand.

It was clearly the better option of the two.

The Om Remixes are a solid set of throbbing house mixes of underground dance artists, including Colette, Rithma, Naked Music NYC, and Afro Mystik. Alternating between disco bass lines, tribal beats and super lush, chill-out grooves that only Kaskade could provide, the album is a solid representation of the DJ’s abilities and a superb addition to his praiseworthy back catalog.

So please, do yourselves a favor and get it while you can…You never know when you’ll need the perfect escape.

Purchase The Om Remixes on iTunes | MySpace

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