Introduucing…El Perro Del Mar!

It’s my fault for not discovering her sooner…but I’m so glad that I finally have.

This is El Perro Del Mar, otherwise known as Sarah Assbring, a Swedish artist making pop happen since 2006.

I could say that the music she makes, a combination of drippy, ambient pop, distorted strings and a simple, Lykke Li-like delivery, is nothing short of lush.

But it’s my friend David, who, after introducing me to her music, described it best: “Fleetwood Mac on pills in the 90’s…It’s what Siobhan Donaghy wishes she could record. It’s what she tried to do on Ghosts and failed at, mostly.”

“Change of Heart,” the song being featured above, is one of the finest numbers off of her latest EP, Love is Not Pop, which was made available in the US on October 20 of this year.

As for that piece of art you’re currently mesmerized by above? As the clip’s description box tells us, the duo is an act from Budapest that were called in by the label after first being seen in Lido, Paris. They were asked to be filmed for the official video to accompany “Change of Heart” and, according to the director, Flip Nilsson: “When we finally could see the amazing footage together with the music it felt like we got struck by the lightning of love.”

While the original song is brilliant, I’ll also need to direct your attention to the equally special Robyn remix of the track located right here at Pitchfork. The mix adds a bit of the Swedish chanteuse’s own vocals (always a plus!), and the lightest glaze of ’90’s house synths.

“Change of Heart” the kind of song you want to carry with you through life. It’s timeless, it’s beautiful…I could listen to this song time and time again, and so I do.

Purchase “Change of Heart” on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website

Kimberly Caldwell: Mess of You (Debut Single)

Kimberly Caldwell: Mess of You (Debut Single)

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That’s the Method of Modern Love: The B-Side to Cheryl Cole’s “3 Words,” “Boys.”

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