Here at MuuMuse, we like certain things: Stilettos, sexy boys, high fashion, shadow play, things that are Russian, and dramatic shoulder pads. Luckily enough, the boys of Kazaky happen to come pre-packaged with all of these things.

Meet Kazaky, an up-and-coming Ukrainian boy band. Or, as their Facebook proudly decries in mangled English: “Shocking, sexy guys, showing an incredible combination of masculine beauty, plastics and choreography create a show that turns the mind.” Yes, exactly that.

The boys first caught notice back in October with “In The Middle,” a sweat-soaked show of hard-hitting B-boy choreography, Auto-Tuned squeals, and yes, men in high heels.

After conjuring a great deal of attention across the web for the song’s testosterone-fueled clip (over a million views!), the boys released their much anticipated follow-up yesterday: “Love.” (The video was initially meant to be released on Valentine’s Day, but held back due to technical difficulties. Broken heel, perhaps?)

Shot by Yevgeniy Timokhin (and not by Lady Gaga‘s director du jour Nick Knight as one might assume) and styled by Anna Osmekhina (and not Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti, as one might assume), the black-and-white video features even more dancing, more muscles, and more cheek bones. In summary: Think “Single Ladies,” but with more Soviet undertones.

“You want me, you love me, you hate me…I don’t care,” the boys whisper above the stinging, electro beat of “Love.” While the song itself remains staunchly so-so (not a reality show star’s one-off disco track, not yet a full-fledged pop single), the video is as undeniably fresh and fierce as their first.

In time, sociologists and other scholars may go on to credit this burgeoning group for re-conceptualizing the very spheres of masculine and feminine identity in modern society. But for now, I’m just going to opt for the Paris Hilton seal of approval and simply conclude: “That’s hot.”

For more on Kazaky, check out their official website.