Introduucing…Natalia Kills!

If last year’s theme was the circus, this year’s is truly the freakshow.

Meet Natalia Kills, a new artist preparing for her debut under the hit-making machine better known as Cherry Tree Records (as well as a co-sign under Will.i.Am‘s label.)

Grabbing an intentionally Autotuned vocal cue from label mate Lady Gaga and an aesthetic note from classic noir (and subsequently, Rihanna‘s latest output), Natalia Kills’ “Zombie” is a killer visual and aural debut by any and all definition.

The track simply bleeds from the speakers with electric, spine-tingling potential. Just try and resist the militant, robotic beat and the icy chorus: “I’m in love with a zombie boy, but his heart is so cold.” Then again, it only took the first three seconds of that beat to have me hooked.

…And this isn’t even the first official single.

Along with her debut album set to be released sometime in 2010, Natalia also directs her own videos. According to a transcribed faux-conversation on her MySpace, her debut film will be released in time with her album–both of which dealing with the theme of perfectionism.

Earlier on in the conversation, Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszenbaum (head of Cherry Tree) refers to a song of hers as “Grace Jones meets Kate Bush at La Femme Nikita‘s apartment.” High praise doesn’t even begin to describe that statement.

Time will soon tell what becomes of Natalia Kills. To me, she is the artist to watch for 2010.

“Zombie” is now out on iTunes. I highly suggest you go and grab it now so that when she blows up in a few months, you can tell all your friends that you saw her coming way back in 2009–and all thanks to MuuMuse!

I’m in love with a zombie. Are you?

Purchase “Zombie” on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website

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2010: Happy New Year from MuuMuse!

2010: Happy New Year from MuuMuse!

Happy New Year, Muusers!

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