Introduucing…Jess Mills!

Genre: Lush pop, drum-and-bass, dubstep
Sounds like: Katy B, Sunday Girl, Clare Maguire, Ellie Goulding

Heard of Jess Mills yet? Well, she’s a new favorite–so I suggest you settle in and pay attention now.

The gorgeous London-born singer-songwriter is the daughter of corporate lawyer David Mills and Tessa Jowell, a prominent member of British Parliament and the current Shadow Minister for the Olympics. (Oooo, political!)

Mills’ first major foray into music began with “Fighting Fire,” her collaboration with UK drum-and-bass/dubstep producer Breakage last February. The track–which managed to break into the Top 40 of the UK–finds Mills laying down her silky, heaven-sent vocals above a skittering dance rhythms. “What could be better than fighting fire with you?” Mills dreamily croons above the hectic beat.

From there, the songstress has released three more singles, including “Vultures” and the absolutely incredible “Live For What I’d Die For,” as well as supporting the endlessly talented Emeli Sandé on tour. In January, the songstress released the Sam Frank-produced “Pixelated People,” a drum & bass/UK garage-tinged track full of flashing strobes and early ’90’s club rhythms. (An absolute must listen.)

Most recently, there’s “For My Sins”–Mills’ upcoming fourth single off of her upcoming debut, which just premiered last night on BBC’s Radio 1.

“For My Sins,” which was crafted by production duo The Flight, is the least dance-influenced offering we’ve heard yet from Mills, putting her tender vocals and lyricism at the forefront. “For my sins, I’m here without you/Don’t you know my heart is breaking too?” Mills croons (which reminds me a bit of Annie Lennox). As the track builds, the production slowly evolves from a simple, striding march into a stunning explosion of lush strings, aching guitar and breaking beats. It’s staggeringly beautiful.

Between her complex dance productions and this sweeping mega-ballad, we’ve not only gotten a taste of Mills’ lush vocal ability, but her versatility as well–making Jess Mills promising beyond belief.

Loving what you’re hearing too? Good. Her Island Records debut, featuring production by Zero 7, Leftfield and Louis Slipperz, is headed our way in early next year. An early entry for MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2013? You bet.

“For My Sins” will be released on September 9. (iTunes UK)

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