So, I didn’t get to see Rihanna yesterday.

After looking over the weather report in the morning and seeing nothing but snowflake icons and references to “6 to 10 inches,” I thought it wise not to trek into New York City and get snowed in for the night. As I told my would-be concert buddies, “I’m sorry, but these are Britney/Madge conditions only.”

Instead, I stayed at home, got my Christmas/birthday present–a new laptop (MacBook Pro!), found the Lady Gaga deluxe fan package at my doorstep, and sold a concert ticket online. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty decent alternative.

Since I didn’t get to see Rihanna in person, I thought the next best thing would be seeing her on my super sleek, super sexy MacBook screen. Click above to check out the three videos of Riri’s interview and performance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I love when she laughs…still reminding me a Grace Jones-in-training as of late.

Let the haters hate…her style and sound are at the best they’ve ever been. Sales records and chart numbers are trivial–Rated R is a perfect campaign!