Björk Is Releasing A New Album In March Called ‘Vulnicura’

Björk, Icelandic deity and creator of all things divine and strange, is releasing a new album in March.

The endlessly innovative, ceaselessly bizarre diva announced the news quite casually via a handwritten note on Twitter earlier this evening, as Björk would likely do in this day and age.

The album will be called Vulnicura, which is an intriguingly exotic word that does not make too much sense in English (Google Translate suggests that “Vulnicura” means “Vulnicura” in English), yet it still sounds magical nonetheless, much like Homogenic, Vespertine, Volta and all the others that have come before. Except Post, which is pretty straightforward. Anyway.

The album will consist of 9 songs: “Stonemilker,” “Lionsong,” “History of Touches,” “Black Lake, “Family,” “Notget,” “Atom Dance,” “Mouth Mantra” and “Quicksand” — all of which sound like Very Björk Songs, Indeed.

According to Pitchfork, six of the songs were produced by Venezuelan producer Arca (who also did FKA twigs‘ “Lights On” and “Give Up” on LP1), with other songs supplied by British producer The Haxan Cloak.

Basically, put your palms full of stars together and pray that this album has less to do with scientific formulas, app designs and DNA structures (Biophilia shade) and more to do with gorgeous, sweeping melodies and next level production.

Let us now weep together in joy and sorrow for the future. Declare independence!


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