Kids these days.

It seems everywhere you look, there’s another teen cropping up on the interwebz poised for global domination: Daisy Dares You, Justin Bieber, Sky Ferriera. Don’t they have anything more important to do, like go to prom or start learning to drive or something?

No matter.

Here comes Richard Jay, a sixteen-year-old singer hailing from the United Kingdom. Much like his DIY-pop predecessors, Richard Jay has made use of social media (whatever that is) to get his name out and start expanding his presence in the digital world. At the same time, he also happens to be a legitimate artist in his own right: “He writes all his own music, plays every instrument on his tracks, sings, records and produces it himself.” Talent. Nice!

As one may surmise from his Musical MySpace, Richard Jay’s music is just the right mix of bright, shimmering synthesizers and deep bass sound that both sounds gorgeous and refrains from drowning out the singer’s breathy, barely there crooning on top.

I, as we like to say in the industry, totally dig it.

Jay is due to record with Allie Gonino and Sky Ferreira later this year in Los Angeles.

To hear a taste of what the boy’s got to offer, click below to hear and download one of Jay’s delightfully lush tracks, “Today.”

DL: Richard Jay – Today