Meet CAPPA, born Carla Cappa.

Having already released a debut LP (You Never Got Me) nearly 6 years ago, as well as a few spare singles like 2013’s “My Heart Is Beating Again”, the Nashville-based songstress has since ditched the last name and kicked off a brand new project as CAPPA. (A good ol’ caps lock makeover always makes things more exciting.)

“Hush,” an ethereal electronic production crafted alongside Almighty Chief, is CAPPA’s debut as CAPPA — and true to CAPPA’s desires, it’s quite transportive: “I want people to feel like they can escape everyday life. think that’s what we’re all looking for when we’re listening to music, and I hope that listeners can do that with mine,” she says.

The dreamy, swoon-filled tune is full of warm layers that ought to do wonders when blasted loud on a beachside ride, nestling in nicely somewhere between the nostalgic-electronic sound of BROODSCocteau Twins, Imogen Heap and Frank + Derol — maybe some Grimes too.

I’m also a known sucker for vocal stutters, and “Hush” is chock full of ’em. Hush, hush, hush, hu-hu-sh! 

Hush now and give ‘er a listen.

I could see us in a fast car by the ocean on the West Coast/I don’t care where you take me baby, take me anywhere you want to go…

“Hush” was released on March 10. (iTunes)