New Details Surface on Rihanna’s Upcoming Photo Book with Simon Henwood

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This just in–details about Rihanna‘s first ever photo book!

On June 29, Rizzoli will be releasing Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth. The 144-page hardcover book will be the artist’s latest collaboration with Simon Henwood, the creative director behind the near flawless Rated R campaign.

According to the designer’s website, The Last Girl on Earth is “a photo book documenting the artist’s designs, films and visuals for the American singer.” As for an indication of the book’s quality, if you happen to be one of the fans who’ve already snagged a physical copy of the album, you’ll know that the booklet is just as fierce as the album itself (see example pictured above).

Simon Henwood has also been responsible for overseeing such visual achievements as the videos for Kanye West‘s “Love Lockdown” and Róisín Murphy‘s lobster-rific John Waters homage, “Movie Star.” (Murphy also just happens to be the artist’s very talented girlfriend. Talk about a creative force to be reckoned with!)

As for the artist himself, I found that perhaps no other description encapsulated his sensibility and style as this quote courtesy of Mikato Saito, editor-in-chief of Tokyo’s H: “Yet, what makes Simon’s ideas in his art new is that because he does not used disliked images of life and death. He successfully combines the darkness and hip together. Fuck, death and more pop! – these words, his internal slogan, are distinguishing Simon Henwood from hundreds of other underground artists. The sensitivity in his memory of his childhood also has an inevitable effect on his art world.”

The book is now available for pre-order for Amazon.

Thanks to ONTD for the initial tip, and SheenaBeaston for her original report about Simon Henwood.

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