Steal This Now: M.I.A. Premieres New Song on Twitter

M.I.A. has just posted a TwitVid entitled “THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE,” where she can be seen dancing in the dark (and neon green light) to a new song, presumably from her upcoming third LP.

While the track’s lyrics are rooted in technology, I actually don’t think this is the much-hyped telecommunications-based Verizon track we’ve been hearing about, “I’m Down Like Your Internet Connection.”

I wonder if the album will be technologically themed?

The song, which drenches Maya’s dragging vocals in super slick, glitchy trip-hop beats, seems to be a more stripped down continuation of her slower work (i.e. “Paper Planes” or “20 Dollar”). It is also, as we like to say in the music biz, “sick nasty.”

Then there’s this little title screen at the end. Is it a hint at the album title? Neet, is it? EDIT: Neet is the name of the record label M.I.A. founded. Durr..thanks, Shan!

By the by, and did you catch what it says next to the copyright mark? “Right to Copy.” Now that’s the M.I.A. I know and love.


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