MuuTunes: The MuuMuse Approved Tracks For The Week Of June 6, 2014

Another day, another drama — and another installment of MuuTunes, of course.

It’s June, which means it’s summer! It’s about damn time, too. Enjoy the latest serving of pop gems — some of them supply the perfect punch of frothy pop for your pool parties, while others will provide a lush soundscape for your seaside drive as the sun drops, and some will be great for those drunken 4 AM sob sessions. And of course, one of them is FINALLY AVAILABLE ON iTUNES — all because of me. #BuyLemonadeOniTunes

Enjoy, ladies and ladyboys.


1.) Danity Kane, “Lemonade” (Original Post) (iTunes)

After our thirst hit an all-time high, Aubrey O’Slay, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex — the remaining ladies of Danity Kane — #blessed us at last with a sip of “Lemonade.” Serve it up for friends and haters with those sour head looks up on they face. #BuyLemonadeOniTunes

2.) Austin Mahone, “Secret” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Tired of controversy-riddled boy bands and pop stars with seriously inflated egos? Austin’s EP is a surprisingly fun trip back to the days of TRL, full of sweet Swede-pop melodies that recall the best of ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys. Easy, breezy pop fun — and all without the #drama.

3.) Heidi Montag, “I’ll Do It” (Original Post) (iTunes)

New? No. But ever since Heideity Godtag teased the idea of cutting new tracks, ‘Superficial’ has never sounded more tittilating — or timeless. Come eat my panties off of me!

4.) Route 94, “My Love (feat. Jess Glynne)” (iTunes)

This one’s not new, either: In fact, the song’s pretty much dominated the charts everywhere in the world except America. (Typical.) Months later, it’s still one of the best dance records of 2014 — and it only sounds better as the weather heats up. Like Disclosure’s “Latch” with Sam Smith, watch for this one to be a US #1 smash in May of 2015.

5.) Adore Delano, “I Adore U” (Original Post) (iTunes)

After getting us hot and bothered with the hilarious “D T F,” Adore seriously surprises with a vulnerable (and catchy) break-up ballad that cuts deep. With her debut album hovering at the top of the iTunes Album Chart, Adore is on her way to becoming America’s Drag-Pop Superstar.

6.) Cher Lloyd, “Alone With Me” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Cher’s album is packed with sparkling pop gems, and the closer is no exception: The stuttering, vaguely’80’s-tinged pop production is like a younger interpretation of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” for the kidz — in a good way, of course.

7.) Demi Lovato, “Really Don’t Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Speaking of Miss Lloyd, the bratty Brit-pop princess is also featured on Demetria’s latest offering off of her 2013 record, ‘Demi.’ Together, the two get all sassy and whatnot on the fist pump-friendly summer kiss-off. AH-oh-AH-oh-AH-oh!

8.) Leon Else, “River Full Of Liquor” (iTunes)

Soulful crooning booze-fueled brooding about excess come together across moody R&B beats and delicate flourishes of piano. Consider this a British answer to The Weeknd — and perhaps a touch of Sam Smith as well.

9.) Lana Del Rey, “Ultraviolence” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Lana hits hard (quite literally, as it were) with the title track of her upcoming LP; the finest, most thought-provoking track off of ‘Ultraviolence’ to date. Listen responsibly.

10.) Sia, “Eye Of The Needle” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Between swinging from the chandelier and playing with needles, Sia should probably be restrained. Luckily for us, she’s not: The slow-marching power ballad off of ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ is everything we’ve come to expect from Pop’s Most In-Demand Songwriter, but on her own terms — vulnerable vocals, heartbreaking lyricism and artful melodies that just won’t quit.

11.) Mariah Carey, “You Don’t Know What To Do (feat. Wale)” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Surprise! Despite an endlessly messy campaign, ‘Me. I Am Mariah’ proved to be a supremely gorgeous body of work. No hits? Chalk it up to poor single selection, ’cause “You Don’t Know What To Do” is a smash in waiting — from the nu-disco revival sound, to that euphoric chorus, Mimi’s got her sparkly hands on a serious summer anthem. [Insert whistle note]

12.) The Righteous Young, “Everything Burns” (iTunes)

Missing Wynter Gordon too? Don’t worry! She’s back, and with a brand new attitude: Newly reinvented as The Righteous Young (plus a 5-piece band), the singer-songstress is going a soulful folk route with her latest reinvention — showing off her pipes and songwriting skills while doing so. It’s a bold sonic switch, but hey…she always makes it work.

13.) Seven Lions, “Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli)” (iTunes)

Moonchildren, rejoice! Rising electronic producer Seven Lions has teamed up with Estonian Pop Goddess Kerli for a complex dance floor production. “Worlds Apart” is emotional and hypnotic, full of tripping, tranced-out pulsations. As per usual, Kerli stays ten steps ahead of the pack.

14.) Mary J. Blige, “Suitcase” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Did you know? Mary J. has no time for the foolishness. None! That finger-snapping chorus provides the perfect soundtrack to throwing up a middle finger and zipping up those Louis bags. Sing ’em straight out the door!

15.) GRL, “Ugly Heart” (iTunes)

Like One Direction with “Story Of My Life,” the girls of GRL have embraced a folky, Mumford & Sons-like stomp with their anthemic Dr. Luke and Cirkut-produced kiss-off. You could try to resist, but that would be quite ugly. And what use is someone so pretty with an ugly heart?

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