SweetMuuse: Oceanlab – “Sirens of the Sea”

I think my MuuMuse posts could benefit from some categorical organization. Thus, the “SweetMuuse” is born: A category meant specifically for tracks that I love, no matter when or where they’ve been released.

Sometimes I just get the urge to post ’em, you know?

“Sirens of the Sea” is the second song and title track off of Oceanlab‘s debut album.

OceanLab is a side project created by the extraordinary trance outfit Above & Beyond, along with singer Justine Suissa back in 2008.

The song is perhaps the crowning achievement of their debut, which I first reviewed back in August of 2008. (Wow–time flies!)

Nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy than a solid trance record. As I like to say time and time again (to no one in particular), trance is my home. Breathy, ethereal vocals and heavenly electro-noise…sometimes I think this is the most perfect album ever created.

I hope you love this song (and album) as much as I do!

Purchase Sirens of the Sea on iTunes | MySpace | Official Website

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