Sweden is the epicenter of pop perfection. This is a fact that will never change.

Case in point: Moto Boy, and his album released today, Lost in the Call.

Moto Boy’s mournful coos and falsetto cries are nothing if not captivating, at times evoking Morrissey‘s sad, solemn delivery (“When My Heart Was High”); at others a cross between a less theatrical Rufus Wainwright and a deeper voiced Jónsi Birgisson (“A Different Kind of Love”).

Recorded in Malmö, Sweden, the ten romantic, haunting numbers of Lost in the Call ache with lump-in-throat emotion, including the moving “If Only Your Bed Could Cry,” (which was originally released with Titiyo last year). At other times, the record bursts forth with jubilant defiance and hope, as with lead single “The Heart is a Rebel.”

“I wish that I could always feel the way I feel tonight,” the singer nearly whispers above the lush strings of the final track, “The Way I Feel Tonite,” a nearly instrumental closer that recalls the magic flowing through Björk‘s Vespertine.

Complete with sweeping, magestic melodies that bristle with a pop sensibility, Lost in the Call is a warm collection of sounds both entrancing and romantic. For the bright-eyed pop lovers and late night dreamers, this album is an absolute must.

To listen to the album in full, click here. You can also choose to buy the album in a number of formats at the official store.