Now for Download: Two Remixes of David Guetta’s “Memories (ft. Kid Cudi)”

“Memories” is one of my favorite tracks off of David Guetta‘s fabulous album, One Love. Now, I’ve got some schweeet remixes to share from the song’s upcoming single release!

The first is theArmand Van Helden Vocal Mix, a relentless, squealing synthesizer ride that may or may not leave your ears bleeding. It’s massive, and probably great fun at a rave or if you’re into doing poppers and E in your living room–just don’t listen to this one if you’re looking for a late night comedown.

On the other hand, the Donae’o mix is a more chilled, vaguely ’90’s club-inspired interpretation of the track (Jock Jams, anyone?).

Two great mixes, one great price of admission: zilch!

DL: David Guetta – Memories (ft. Kid Cudi) (Armand Van Helden Vocal Mix)
DL: David Guetta – Memories (ft. Kid Cudi) (Danae’o Mix)

“Memories” is now out on iTunes.

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