Lady Gaga is clearly after my own heart (she ate my heart) with her performance of “Telephone” on Music Station–probably one of my favorite Gaga performances in some time. Japanese dialogue? Glitter? Mmm, child.

The choreography is tight, her voice is controlled, and there’s just the right amount of extravagance. Even when she pulls out the keytar for a few solo bars, she doesn’t overdo it! I’m especially loving the jail-cell opening, which is both a fabulous way to embrace her Japanese fans and a perfect tie-in with the video’s plot.

The performance is made all the better by the unintentionally hilarious opening prior to the performance, where images of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and President Obama are flashed across the screen along with the most ‘epic’ sounding of music. No, no…not quite comparisons. According to YouTube commenter zellpenguin, this is the rough translation of that sequence:

Madonna went with her daughter to watch (Lady Gaga)
Michael Jackson commented “She is really perfect”
President Obama “To make a speech before her show is an honour”

Lady Gaga is currently the most noticed songstress around the world, from New York, 24years old.

Still, I greatly appreciated the lolz.

On the serious, though: Amazing performance, Gaga. I’m really, really impressed.

Thanks to Muuser Parker F. for sending me a link!