Happy Friday, Muusers.

Today, two videos for songs I’ve recently muused about…Nikki & Rich‘s “The Next Best Thing,” and Charice‘s “Pyramid,” featuring Iyaz. Let’s watch together, yes?

In summary: Two attractive people dancing around in sexy outfits. There’s a Britney/Madonna “Me Against the Music”-type of dual room set-up, but no raunchy make-out sessions or canes stuck in between legs.

It’s all a bit like what one might expect if the James Bond series had short musical interludes between all the fighting and sex.

In summary:


Charice gets mad because she didn’t get a part in a play, so she sings at herself in a mirror for a while. At the same time, Iyaz wanders the street before creepily sneaking into a theater where she is performing alone to videotape her from his seat. We’re all a little uncomfortable.

Honestly, I can really relate to Charice in this video. This is just like when I lost out for the part of Maria for my high school’s production of West Side Story.

Good job all around everyone.