Okay, I get it now.

Just in case anyone wasn’t in the know quite yet, Hurts is an up-and-coming English dark disco duo (composed of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson) who’ve been the subject of much praise over the past few weeks/months in the blogosphere. (See XO, see PopJustice.)

After seeing a tweet from Sony Records announcing the limited sale of their signed debut single, I decided to finally give a proper listen to the song, entitled “Better Than Love.” (I wasn’t kidding about being a sucker for anything ‘signed’ or ‘limited edition’–I’m such a collector’s edition nerd.)

While it’s never a good idea to get too wrapped up in anticipation or hype, what I’m hearing is a mixture of the damning electronica chills of Violator-era Depeche Mode and moments of clever lyricism a la the Pet Shop Boys. And as for the video’s visuals? I’m convinced this is a merely a behind-the-scenes clip of a Louis Vuitton spread set to sound.

Their whole campaign is simplistic, moody, and wildly pretentious (I don’t believe color–I’m sorry, colour–exists in their vocabulary), but I kind of adore everything about it.

Now go ahead and cry your eyes out at the discotheque.

“Better Than Love” will be released on May 24. For more, click here to visit their official website.