To no one’s surprise in particular, Kylie Minogue‘s kick-off single from her upcoming studio release, Aphrodite, is a work of art.

Less of a departure from Kylie’s previous style and more of an embracing of her true disco diva “essence,” the Stuart Price-produced, Kish Mauve-penned track (the same group responsible for the lead single of X, “2 Hearts”) takes us back to the days of 2005’s euphoric “I Believe In You,” complete with lush electronic instrumentation and soaring vocals.

It’s perhaps one of Kylie’s most whisper-y numbers since “Slow” or “Fragile,” as she all-but-breathes her loving coos to us: “Breathe,” she commands in a near whisper, “I know you find it hard, but baby, breathe.” Chills all around.

“All The Lovers” is a bit too beautiful to dance along with, yet far too lush to be sitting there crying on the dance floor.

It’s a sing-along track, it’s sad disco, it’s everything you’ve been waiting for.