Err, I–what?

While I’ve never considered her career on a serious level (though she’s delivered no less than three literally amazing songs), I decided to watch the newly released video for Miley Cyrus‘ first “breakout” single, “Can’t Be Tamed.”

As has come to be a generally accepted truth in American pop, this is the single/video in which Miley is to prove that she’s no longer attached to the Disney brand by getting her tits out, saying a curse word or two, and acting all ‘crazy-like’ to prove that no one ‘gets’ her because she is very different.

Generally the young siren succeeds here, throwing in some boob shots, the word “Hell” (BURN HER), and some saucy hip swinging/stripping. There’s even a millisecond where it seems she’s going in for the kill with another lady. (Oh, grlll.)

By the end, I remain both wholly unsurprised and slightly jarred. But I think I might like the song a little. It’s very Gaga.¹ ² ³

¹ Not actually Gaga. “It’s very Gaga” has become my new catchphrase to make fun of Gaga stans claiming everything is Gaga-like.
² Though it’s clearly a bit “Monster”-inspired, isn’t it? No? Okay. I’ll sit down now.
³ Just kidding. It’s Britney‘s “If U Seek Amy.”

And that is that.