Rihanna: Te Amo (Video Premiere)

The new video for Rihanna‘s international single, “Te Amo,” is now here (sort of–it leaked), and it is just as fantastic as what we’ve already seen.

With this latest clip, RiRi takes a turn as the provocateur with a same-sex interest, grinding and cooing and flailing and winding around in sexy positions, though never for a moment relieving her face of a look that screams “Look, but don’t touch.” (That is the point of the song, after all.)

Visually, it’s a bit like “Radar” meets “Disturbia”; sans horse porn, plus a polar bear cap.

Honestly, this video is so unbelievably sexy. The crackling fire during the introduction, that outdoor scene in the dress crawling around in the grass…I can’t even handle it right now. Hot flashes all over the place.

Between this video and “Rockstar 101” and “Hard” and the entire promotional campaign for Rated R, this has truly been the greatest blossoming before our eyes of a radio-friendly pop princess into a full blown superstar.

I’ve said this before: While at first I had always thought her to be nothing more than a voice of the moment, this campaign has truly made rethink her position in pop entirely as a legend in the making.

I am just gushing with pride. Rihanna is surging up the rankings as one of my favorite artists, period.


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