Whole Lotta Love: Ali Love Offers Free Download of “Love In Darkness”

Ali Love is a name that’s been floating around the blogosphere for some time now. Originally slated to release his debut album in 2007, Love was briefly sidelined by label shifts and complications. After signing with Back Yard Recordings last year, Love is now back on track.

Following the release of singles “Diminishing Returns” and “Love Harder,” as well as upcoming single “Smoke & Mirrors” on July 26, the singer will be releasing his debut album, Love Harder, later this year. To tide us over until then, I’ve just been given a track off of the new record to share with my Muusers, entitled “Love In Darkness.”

The song is a slow building scorcher that brings to mind the pacing of Sam Sparro‘s genius “Black & Gold” and the vocal style of Empire of the Sun.

Think gay disco, dark electronica, and moody beats. Sound up your alley? Check, check, check!

So go ahead….start spreading the love.

DL: Ali Love – Love in Darkness

For more on Ali Love, check out his MySpace here.