Ciara And Dr. Luke Are Creating #Moments In The Studio, So Let’s Remember Their First: “Tell Me What Your Name Is”

Let it be known now and forever: Ciara‘s Ciara remains one of the most criminally overlooked pop records of 2013, and “Overdose” remains the best should-have-been-a-single of the year.

That being said, the R&B-pop princess (and brand new mommy to baby Future Jr.!) is already back at work in the studio recording a follow-up to Ciara, and she’s begun with some #MomentsCreated by Dr. Luke.

Now, the name might inspire some initial grumbling. Dr. Luke? How very…predictable.

But the thing with CiCi is that she can work with the most commercial names and still deliver the quality good(ies) time after time — and she’s done it with Luke once before already.

“Tell Me What Your Name Is,” co-produced by Luke and Benny Blanco, is a smooth, twinkling electro-R&B slow burner buried deep in the tracklisting of 2009’s Fantasy Ride. (Actually, I wrote a post in praise of the track two years ago, which leads me to believe MuuMuse should just be renamed “In Defense Of Ciara”.) That chorus is a real #moment, as CiCi sensually entices a dude on the dance floor. (He reads!) “Girls ain’t supposed to talk this way but I can’t let you slip away,” she coos. Break those socially constructed gender norms, Ci!

Here’s to hoping these two create some of that spacey magic once again.

And while we’re waiting for new tunes to drop, have a listen to this excellent new remix of one of CiCi’s (many) non-album singles, “Sorry,” courtesy of Dave Luxe. Huge, bouncing beats!

Shout out to my friend and fellow C-Squad member Chris Stedman for the remix find!

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