Introduucing…Jessie and the Toy Boys!

Meet Jessie Malakouti.

Having already established herself as a Xenomania songwriter, opened on tour for The Saturdays, and sung back-up on the Pet Shop Boys‘ latest record, Yes, it’s hard to say that Malakouti requires an “Introduucing” post. It’s her latest musical endeavor, Jessie and the Toy Boys, however, that merits the formal welcoming.

As evidenced in the snippets posted on her newly created website, Jessie’s got a knack for sugar coated, ’80’s-inspired electro pop confections; her voice and sound lying somewhere in between the likes of Gwen Stefani (2004 onward), Linda Sundblad, Kylie Minogue, and Heidi Montag. (The last comparison may sound like an insult, but trust–it’s not.)

Featured tracks including “Push It” and “Hitman” are instant pop stormers, while “Like You Better,” her dizzying electro-fluff take on the classic chorus from Romeo Void‘s “Never Say Never,” bubbles over with glitchy delight, a la Stefani’s “Crash.”

Most noteworthy of all the clips however is “Eyes Closed,” a shimmering mid-tempo in which Jessie laments the fact that her lover’s refusal to lock eyes during the deed: “You fuck me with your eyes closed,” Jessie woefully sings during the choruses, hovering above a slightly sad, twinkling melody.

Now that, dear Muusers, is exactly the kind of over-the-top pop I love to pieces.

Thanks to Muuser Alex for introduucing me to Jessie’s new music!

Now Streaming: The Pretty Reckless EP

Now Streaming: The Pretty Reckless EP

Okay, I kind of love everything about this girl

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