Rocket In The Sky: The Behind-the-Scenes Video for Benny Benassi’s “Spaceship (ft. Kelis, Apl.De.Ap, and Jean Baptiste)”

If you can somehow find a minute in between the ceaseless repeat listening sessions of Kylie Minogue‘s Aphrodite this weekend (HOW COULD YOU?), take note: Other artists are still making music.

Take for instance one of my favorite DJ/House artists, Benny Benassi. His latest single, “Spaceship” features Kelis, the Black Eyed, and Jean Baptiste. It is very, very good, mainly as a result of Kelis’ repetitive chorus of “So get high. Get high. Get high.”

Above is the behind-the-scenes clip for the song’s video shoot. As you can tell, it will look quite spacey when all is said and done. Hooray for technology! The video will premiere on June 28 (Monday).

The upcoming “Spaceship” remix package will include mixes by Fedde Le Grand and EDX amongst others, but you can already purchase the single itself on iTunes now.

Thank you for your time. You may now return to “Cupid Boy.”

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