Word on the street is that the Klas Åhlund-produced “Hang With Me” is set to be a single in its electronic form on Robyn‘s upcoming EP, Body Talk Pt. 2, which is set to be released at the beginning of August. But did you know that Robyn wasn’t the first artist to record the song?

In fact, it was the producer’s ex-wife, Paola Bruna. Thanks to Muuser José M., MuuMuse has the full story behind the song:

Klas always wanted to be a producer- and found in Robyn the perfect girl to do some good pop music. His project with ex-wife Paola Bruna didn’t go well on 2003. Actually, “Hang With Me” -also included in Body Talk pt 1 with different arrangement- is a song included on Paola’s 2003 album “Stockcity Girl.”

You can click above to hear the song streaming in its original 2003 form, as sung by Paola Bruna. It’s an absolutely stunning rendition–very sad, dying embers of summer-type feel. I adore it.

The more you know!