Fifth Harmony came to the Today Show early this morning to perform “Sledgehammer,” the latest single off of their debut album Reflection, which was just released today. The girls all looked and sounded fantastic, and their performance was entirely on point…aside from a brief distraction, courtesy of a Peruvian tabloid fixture.

Beginning at the 1:47 mark , the glamorous blonde goddess — who sort of looks like the Latina cousin of diamond-loving Mob Wives goddess Big Ang — starts wildly flailing behind Camila‘s shoulder, flawlessly emulating 5H’s hair flips and intricate handography. And, try as the TV producers might to tighten the shot on Miss Cabello’s face, nothing can stop the Peruvian sensation from getting her shine — before being escorted away by a policeman.

As it turns out, this enthusiastic Harmonizer (and new personal hero) is actually Susy Diaz, who’s done everything from exotic dancing (as a vedette) to a short stint in government as a congresswoman of the Republic of Peru. (Incredible.) And now, she’s apparently in New York filming a reality TV show. Or something.

So, let us now all hail the legendary Miss Susy, unofficial Sixth Harmony and Queen Of Thirst.


Thank you for making these, T.Kyle.