Fierce, Fabulous and Flawless: This Week in the Life of the MuuMuse Divas

I have been feeling so, so proud of my favorite ladies lately: Album launches, recording sessions, live performances, photoshoots, general fierceness, etc. Why not take a stroll ’round the world and see what everyone’s up to?

Grace Jones, showing us all how to walk the walk at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London on July 8. Honestly, this bitch could make a hairnet look fierce. Oh, wait…she already did that.

Janet Jackson, performing at the Essence Music Festival on July 2. Did you check out her performance of “Discipline” from the night? It makes her previous performances of “Rope Burn” look tame. Got DAMN.

Nicki Minaj, posing on the set of her new video for current smash single, “Your Love,” which is due out soon. Have you heard her verse on the latest track she’s lent her lip service to (Trey Songz‘ “Bottoms Up”)? Vicious and delicious.

Madonna, posing for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection for Dolce & Gabbana (and looking like a million euros). Not sure who the bitch standing up in the photo is, but she’s completely stealing the shot. Must be an outtake.

Kylie Minogue, being fierce and mighty while performing for G-A-Y at Heaven Nightclub in London on July 11. The epitome of elegance, non?

Christina Aguilera, posing with her husband Jordan at the opening reception for Jonathan Yeo’s Gallery in Beverly Hills on July 8. Gorgeous–and the video for “You Lost Me” is shaping up quite nicely. Loving the new hair!

Lady Gaga, staying in for the night with a nice cup of tea on July 13. In case you didn’t hear, she tore the house down in her hometown last week at Madison Square Garden.

Britney Spears, being the fucking iconic LEGEND that she is while posing for the August issue of Cosmopolitan (which just hit newsstands). Snag it immediately.

Now wasn’t it nice to celebrate all of our pop divas at once? No feuds. No criticism. A little bit of positivity in pop goes a long way!

I hope this post made someone smile.

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