As she hinted at during her interview with MuuMuse earlier in February, Nadia Ali‘s been dipping her fingers in a lot of honey pots lately. Is that even an actual metaphor? I don’t know…SHE’S BEEN DOING A LOT, OKAY.

Case in point: “The Notice,” her brand new collaboration with Chris Reece.

While the lush, ’90’s synthesized beats and piano melodies of the new track suggest her usual dance sensibility, “The Notice” is in fact much more in the mainstream pop vein than Nadia Ali’s usual output. “When did you check out? When did you sign off? I didn’t get the notice,” Ali croons during the chorus with an almost R&B attitude. It’s a different sound for Ali–a good one, ready for both radio and the clubs alike.

Above, have yourselves a look at the video for the new single, which features Ali looking gorgeous and getting quite sassy because of her no good, triflin’ boo. There’s also a message in a bottle and a fisherman, which are two things you do not normally see in music videos these days.

Can’t quite handle Nadia going pop? Well, fear not: There’s still a boatload of remixes to keep “The Notice” firmly entranced, including the Khomha remix and the Sunn Jellie remix.

To preview and purchase “The Notice” and its various mixes on Beatport, click here.