This is Kimbra, a 20-year-old singer from New Zealand. According to my calculations, this makes Kimbra a kiwi.

“Settle Down” is the debut single from the debut album of Kimbra, Vows. It is about commitment (“Won’t you settle down with me?” “Won’t you have a child with me?”), sung with plenty of hand claps and plenty of silly mouth sounds.

Combine 70% of the look and 30% of the sound of St. Vincent, a bit of Regina Spektor, and the quirk-pop of Róisín Murphy‘s first album, and there you have it–the Kimbra sound. Sort of.

Most impressive of all is the gorgeous accompanying video, which you can watch above.

While there are many, many things to love here–the mannequin man, the glamorous ’60’s plastic sheen a la Mad Men–it is, without a doubt, the jaunty choreographed dance with the twins straight out of The Shining performed in front of the shelves of burning dolls that really seals the deal for me here.

Like all good things, it’s a little weird. Basically, here’s hoping she goes the way of Róisín–first banging out some weird, organic tracks, and then diving headfirst into unapologetic, next level disco.

I expect good things.