Julie Bergan Kiss Somebody

Julie Bergan, Norway’s Rising Pop Queen, Just Wants to Kiss Somebody

When in doubt, make out.

Meet Julie Bergan: she’d love to make out with you.

The 25-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter first gained recognition through her covers on YouTube in the early ’10s performed alongside her music teacher father, which got the interest of local songwriters and producers.

Eventually, she went on to compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2013 to determine the pick for Norway’s Eurovision entry that year, which ultimately went on to be Queen Margaret Berger‘s “I Feed You My Love.” (Truly a #NorwegianLegendsOnly competition.)

Since inking a deal with Warner Music Norway that year, Julie’s released a consistent string of hits, including a No. 1 record in Norway in 2016 with “Arigato,” as well as “Ignite” in 2018 with Alan Walker – plus a Top 10 debut album that year with Turn On the Lights. She also released her first EP late last year called Hard Feelings: Ventricle 1, along with a favorite of mine: the brash, in-your-face “STFU,” a Top 20 hit in Norway.

She’s also won a bunch of awards, including Artist of the Year at the NRJ Awards Norway back in 2014, and Song of the Year for “STFU” last year. That is all to say: I might be Introduucing… her now, but she’s far from brand new on the scene…in Norway, anyway.

Having also played shows alongside superstar acts like Justin Bieber (“If my 14-year-old self knew I was going to open for him, I would’ve died”) and Dua Lipa, Julie is now setting her sights on territories beyond just her own home country.

“I can reach out to a broader audience, I can be a better performer and I can sell more tickets. There’s always room for improvement, and I’m hungry to get bigger and better,” she says.

And that brings us to “Kiss Somebody,” Julie’s brand new single with Norwegian EDM duo SEEB, released on January 3 – an uptempo call to arms to, well, kiss somebody.

“‘Kiss Somebody’ is a positive message with a positive outlook on the future. Keep moving on, don’t take life too seriously and kiss whoever you want: kiss a guy, kiss a girl, just kiss somebody!” she explains.

The idea of the song came from a studio session with collaborators Skinny Days following a break-up, in which she said: “I don’t want a new boyfriend, I just want to kiss somebody.” SEEB heard an early version of the song in an adjacent studio, and thus, a song was born.

The bright bop is a euphoric, if all-too-brief burst of dance-pop, clocking in at just 2:18. (Soon, songs will only be the length of a TikTok, mark my words.) She’s got a strong, urgent voice that’s perfect for pop production, and that singalong-ready pre-chorus build really lets her yelp – right before the earworm of a vocoded beat drop. (“Make out with her, make out, make out with him, make out!“)

And yes, there are guys making out in the music video. Gay rights!

Wasting no time at all, Julie’s already performed “Kiss Somebody” live this year over the weekend at Idrettsgallaen, a Norwegian sports awards show. Mercifully, she kept the banana outfit and visor from the music video for the live performance. Vocals and energetic dancing – we love to see and hear it.

It’s 2020, the dawning of a new decade, which means there’s no better excuse to go out, find somebody and make out. New beginnings! New mistakes! Listen to Julie Bergan and kiss somebody!

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Photo credit: Ida Bjørvik / Warner Music Norway

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