July 29, 2010: Robyn Performs for iHeartRadio (Concert Review)

Photo courtesy of iHeartRadio.

If you didn’t already know from my manic, semi-nonsensical tweets, I trekked down to the city yesterday to attend a private performance by the one and only Swedish princess of pop Robyn for iHeartRadio, which was taped at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca.

The singer performed her killer set of seven songs for an enamored crowd of sequined super fans and tattooed hipsters alike, beginning with Body Talk Pt. 1‘s “Cry When You Get Older” and finishing off with her international Kleerup-produced smash, “With Every Heartbeat.”

While the show was consistently solid throughout, the highlight for me started off with an unfamiliar series of icy electronic beats stuck on repeat. As the music progressed, the singer launched into the song’s instantly recognizable lyrics: It was “Be Mine,” and this mix was seriously the business.

I’d later come to find out from Muuser and soon-to-be All Hearts concert buddy Eric H. that the song was actually a remix that’s been out for a while–the Verschwende Deine Jugend mix. (Try saying that one three times fast.) I’m telling you, get on that shit NOW.

Photo courtesy of iHeartRadio.

Since my friend and I were a bit, err…fashionably late for the performance, we ended up getting stuck towards the back of the venue. Standing at a whopping 5′ 4″ behind a general admission crowd, my view was limited at best. Nevertheless, I was still able to keep track of the superstar on stage by keeping my eyes trained the tuft of blonde hair gyrating about.

And in the short glimpses that I did catch of Robyn in performance mode–punching the air during the epic, rapid-fire synth breakdown of “Dancing On My Own,” hanging vulnerably onto the mic during an acoustic performance of “Hang With Me–I saw the same energetic, effervescent pop star that I’ve always known and loved.

Thanks to the magic that is today’s technology, you can now see the fabulous video of Robyn’s performance of “Dancing On My Own” last night on iHeartRadio right here.

It’s probably one of my favorite performances I’ve seen of the song thus far–and it doesn’t hurt that I caught it going down LIVE.

An amazing show, but this was really just a warm up session: The real fun begins when the All Hearts Tour hits NYC next week. Yeah…it’s going to get ridiculous. I’ll probably lose my pants.

Many thanks to my friend Charlie, who won tickets to attend the taping!

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