Oh my word.

JoJo has unveiled the first song from her forthcoming mixtape (Can’t Take That Away From Me) on Rap-Up this morning, and it is HOT. FIYA.

“In The Dark,” which was co-written along with producer Jordan Gatsby, is a chilly, slow-burning grinder with enough sax appeal to be safely declared one of the sexiest things I’ve heard all summer.

I mean, what with all those whispered coos and heavy breathing throughout the bridges and chorus? CHILD, PLEASE. “I only know him in the dark,” JoJo croons to pleasurable new heights as the chorus bass beats grind and swirl against a minimal twinkling of bright piano.

The track is also heavily processed, but with that kind of intentional robot warble that says to the listener, “LOOK HERE. This is just for a cool, spacey effect. Not to mask a bad voice.” Besides, we all know JoJo can blow, so don’t get butthurt about it.

But seriously, how sick is this beat? OOF!

For fans of chilly urban a la Cassie‘s “Me & U,” Miss Janet‘s best booty jams, and any and all good fucking music.

Brava, JoJo.