Sigur Rós: Two Of Hearts

I’m fairly certain I love literally everything about Sigur Rós. To date, they’re still the only band capable of making me cry on command on the basis of their artistry alone (Takk… being the greatest offender of them all).

On July 20, Sigur Rós lead Jónsi Birgisson and his boyfriend Alex Somers will be releasing their first album together, Riceboy Sleeps off of Parlophone Records. (Cuteeee!) The collaboration, which originally began as a series of art exhibitions, has been in the works for two or three years. According to the accompanying press release, the 9 track instrumental album was recorded with in Iceland using acoustic instruments, strings by Amiina, and the Kopavogsdaetur Choir.

Have a listen to a track from the upcoming album called “Daniell And The Sea” below. Much in line with the Sigur Rós visual aesthetic as of late, don’t expect anything showy–unless you consider abstract, shadowed images of children and grainy film to be showy.

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Sigur Rós

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