MuuMuse Approved Tracks for the Week of August 1, 2010

5. Siobhán Donaghy – Goldfish
On the train ride home from the city after having seen Robyn perform live, I needed a musical come-down in the worst of ways. Cue ex-Sugababes crooner Siobhán’s second studio effort, Ghosts–an insanely underrated offering of shimmering, ambient alt-pop. This one especially sticks out in my mind, what with all the teary-eyed, angelic crooning. Gorgeous.

4. Britney Spears – When I Say So
It was a very merry Britmas ’round these parts over the past week, but the leak of “When I Say So” was undoubtedly the greatest gift of all. Like a mix of every ingredient that made the Britney album so successful, BT grants Brit Brit a whole new level of sexy confidence on this power-pop cut. You’ll get some when Ms. Spears says so!

3. Ciara – Gimme That
I believe it is an implied truth that if any pop starlet demands something (“gimme”) in a track, it will undoubtedly be perfection. This is the hottest up-tempo cut I’ve heard from Cici since “Work” happened, but it may simply be one of her most infectious yet. GIMME THAT BASS!

2. Kristine Elezaj – Warpath
Ms. Elezaj may just getting started in the industry, but her upcoming single’s already generating some major heat. Be warned: You’ll need to appreciate ‘trash pop’ to get into this one. Oh, and anyone who throws shade at another chick by comparing her to Justin Bieber? Well, they’re more than alright in my book.

1. Natalia Kills – Mirrors
Well, someone had to do it: Kylie Minogue has finally been dethroned from her seemingly endless reign at Number One on MuuTunes. But if anyone should, it might as well be MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated Artist of 2010. Blindfolds, melted wax, and handcuffs–these are just the everyday playthings of Natalia Kills, as outlined in her killer, surging debut single. It’s dark, it’s delicious, and it craves to be played on repeat. Now shut up and turn the lights off.