Lights and Voices

You’ll have to excuse the looks of this place. I’m trying to remain simple and yet modern, which is causing some issues. The background will probably be changing daily until I stumble upon something I’m moderately pleased with.
Okay. Time to go underground. Well, sort of. In the Japanese pop scene, you can’t be hot for longer than about a week. Even the pop titans cannot control the fact that an album or single will typically debut at number one, only to fall in the following week. J-Pop is just that competitive. So when you’ve got an artist that isn’t a household name, sometimes it’s difficult to chart at all.
Take Eri Nobuchika. She’s never made it too big, though she remains one of the most underrated voices of Japanese pop music. Her voice is absolutely haunting, and probably the best out of all of the singers I’ve heard. Yet she’s relatively unknown. So, this is for Eri. My favorite track off of her first and only studio album, nobuchikaeri, is the song “Voice.” The song starts off with an electro-salsa beat along with tiny hand-clap beats, slowly rising and falling, but never losing its steam. The song’s intensity starts to build, and the climatic crescendo is something indescribable. It’s almost cathartic, really. The song is epic, and one of my favorite J-Pop songs ever. It’s long, but it’s worth it, trust me.


And you, what do you think?

Rebel Am I, Who Me? Oh, no.

Rebel Am I, Who Me? Oh, no.

I almost forgot

Meat Pies!

Meat Pies!

Just got back from a screening of Sweeney Todd

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