Simple and clean is the go-to theme for Ciara‘s latest video.

Rather than working out a series of killer hip thrusts to her brassy slow jam “Speechless,” the singer allows light and shadow play to take center stage in her new video.

It’s simple, it’s understated. She looks pretty and natural. What’s not to like here?

There’s also something distinctly vintage about the cinematography that I love–it feels almost like a glossy early ’00’s R&B clip in places, no? Aaliyah comes to mind for some reason. Or maybe I’m just being cray cray.

If you’re not a fan of this clip/song, relax: This is just a foil to what will undoubtedly be a slammin’ clip for her soon-to-be smash, “Gimmie Dat.” Converse shoes with lucite heels and a big ol’ fanny pack? Oh, you just know it’s going down (basement).

If you haven’t already, please check out Ciara’s gorgeous new website. The site actually inspired my own recent re-design! I love the super slick look lately.